6 Must Have Plugins For Thesis Theme

Thesis theme is the most best theme I ever use. With the right plugins, your can customize and add some features more easier to this theme.  So, I have list 6 best plugins which every Thesis user should have.

#1 Thesis OpenHook Plugin

If you having problems during editing coding in custom_functions.php, this plugin will help you. Just insert the coding in which hook you want and check the box “Execute PHP on this hook”. Then save it.

Download Thesis OpenHook Plugin

#2 Thesis Style Box Plugin

You can add styled to your post such as Styled Note box, Alert box, Help box, Tip Box, Important Box by using classes. Your post will look more stylish and cool.

Download Thesis Style Box Plugin

#3 Great Pens Plugin

A great plugin from ThesisAwesome for multi-author blog. It will list your recent authors’ posts with their images. It grab images from gravatar.com based on their emails and use their profile url for the link. You can see it in action at FamousBloggers.net single post sidebar.

Download Great Pens Plugin

#4 Latest Contributors Plugin

Another great plugin from ThesisAwesome for multi-author blog. It will list the recent contributors pictures automatically, grab images from gravatar.com based on their emails and then use their profile url for the link.

Download Latest Contributors Plugin

#5 Recent Posts With Thumbs Plugin

A plugin from ThesisAwesome. It will display you the list of the recent posts with thumbnails and comments. Another must-have-plugin for every Thesis user.

Download Recent Posts With Thumb Plugin

#6 All In One SEO Pack Importer Plugin

If you think there is another theme better than Thesis, go ahead. And don’t forget to install this plugin to import all the SEO thing from thesis to All in one SEO plugin.

Download All In One SEO Pack Importer plugin

[tip] p/s: Thanks to Chris Pearson for creating a superb and amazing theme for me. And to all the plugins creator that made my blogging more easier. Thanks guys :)[/tip]

How about you? Which plugins do u use for thesis theme? Share with us.

7 Replies to “6 Must Have Plugins For Thesis Theme”

    1. @sidiq90yeah..the first plugin i installed when i got my thesis theme.

      it made me (who is zero in coding) editing my blog more easier 🙂

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