Giving your blog a personality: A sure shot key to success

Blog writing isn’t just about driving more traffic or as many readers as you can to earn revenues. Blogs are reflections of your daily life, and what happens to you in a day is already a part of history; its contents may be the victories you have won, defeats you might have loss, the challenges overcome, dreams that continue to grow, love that was never shown or relationships you begin to regret. All the articles written in your blog wittingly shows your personality.

The power of blog

We all know for that blog is a website, where a blogger – the writer, writes his day and night experiences. It replaces the old-fashioned diary or a personal journal. You can absolutely write anything under the sun, be it sports, fashion, movies, entertainment or gadgets; anything and everything that interest you. Blog does not oblige you to write formally about a certain subject, blogging is more about on what you normally do every day that would reveal who you really are. It gives the blogger the power of freedom in expressing his thoughts and feelings through writing.

Write naturally

Don’t be too serious with your blog if the topic you are writing should actually be conversationally toned and chatty. Example, you woke up one morning feeling lonely and heavy, then opening your laptop to blog on “how to be happy even if life’s unfair” comes to your mind. With the given topic it should be written in a friendly way, more on the side of giving advice if ever people who will read it experiences difficulties in life. The tone and construction of the article should also be inviting and approachable.

Finding your writing style

How you turn up your phrases, usage of punctuation, words and images will help you set yourself apart from other writers. It is very important to know the niche you are comfortable writing about. Knowing you writing style takes a lot of practice, even professional writers can’t figure out their own styles overnight. Remember, a leader cannot practice leadership in a vacuum; same thing with writing, writers or bloggers can’t easily distinguish their own styles huskily. It is a progressive process.

Never imitate

Copycat writers or bloggers don’t usually get respect from the readers. Blogging is not only adding a piece of you in your article, it should reveal the real you every now and then. People will always be interested about other people’s lives than their own, they love to know stuff you are capable of doing, things you are passionate about and so, instead of wasting time copying other bloggers just be yourself. That is the lesson every blogger must learn, for writing honestly is a sure fire way to attract more readers and visitors to your blog.

Blog success depends on personality

Your personality is the voice of your blog. The content, the choice of words, the subject you are tackling to all together sum up the characters you possess that automatically give the readers a hint of who you are. That voice would be the reason why readers will continue to crave for your ideas and opinions day after day. They want to know firsthand the things that intrigue you and your comments on it. Inevitably, a wide readership would inundate your blog.

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Blog Commenting Etiquette

Commenting on other people’s blogs is one of the most effective ways to gain new readers for your own blog and to establish yourself within the blogging community. However, crafting comments is a bit of an artwork, and isn’t as easy as just saying, “Great post!” on an article you found particularly compelling. To be the most successful, comments need to be approached with the same gusto as blog posts. That being said, the next time you leave a comment somewhere keep these pointers in mind:

#1 Quality matters

If you want to really network with other bloggers you have to leave quality comments on other people’s posts so that they are interested in what you have to say. No one thinks twice about generic comments such as, “I agree!”, “This was great”, etc. It’s when you take the time to really respond to what the writer is saying that people become intrigued with you and your blog.

#2 Respond to your commenters

When someone takes the time to leave a thoughtful comment on your blog comment back to them! This way they’ll know that you actually read their comment and you’ve taken the next stop in forming a relationship with them, thus encouraging further commenting within your posts.

#3 Controversial is OK, condescending is not

If you read a post somewhere that you disagree with then it’s OK to argue your point in the comment’s section if you do so with tact and respect. In fact most bloggers encourage healthy debate within the comments section of post’s that they know may come across as controversial. You should never attack someone for their viewpoints though, so it’s important to stay respectful with your viewpoints.

#4 Don’t leave a lot of links

If the comment field allows for you to link over to your blog then you should, but you shouldn’t muddle your comment with a lot of links back to your website – doing that makes you look like a spammer and will end up backfiring on you.

#5 Have an avatar

Having a personalized avatar that appears next to your comment makes you a unique commenter and not someone that pops up with the same generic picture as everyone else. Establishing yourself as an individual through your avatar helps people to recognize you as a regular commenter or on other’s blogs, which can help build up your blogging reputation and increase your traffic.

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Put thought into your comments and make them unique, don’t fade into the background and parrot back the same generic things everyone else is saying. When used correctly blog commenting can be a great catalyst for launching your website’s traffic and for establishing a good, solid reputation within your respective blogging niche.

This is a guest post by Coleen Torres from local phone service. You can find more about her at her profile.

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