Google Pagerank Update: Check Yours Now!

Hei, I have a good news for all bloggers and webmasters, Google has updated their pagerank!

One of my blog, where I blogged about my journey and some info about business and design has get pagerank 2 (previous was 0) from Google. I’m really shocked at first because I just started this blog from nothing about 10 months ago. It’s still a baby. And seems like this blog is really in a good progress.

For, as I expected, it get nothing. I just started this blog about 1 month ago. There is still a long journey for this blog. I need to work harder on this blog :- just keep writing, writing, writing and writing then doing SEO and backlinks.

How To Check Google Pagerank For Your blog?

Simply go to one website that I have list below and enter your blog url to check your blog pagerank. And don’t forget to tell me your current and previous pagerank.