Be Social! Increase Your Blog Traffic

Boosting your blog’s traffic can easily be one of the most frustrating tasks of making your blog popular. You can write all the great content out there, but if no one is reading it then it won’t matter. Since high traffic and blog success go hand in hand, finding ways to launch it into respectable numbers is one of the main things that bloggers focus on. Luckily, social media is making this difficult task increasingly easier. As social media expands, which they are at an alarming rate, so do the ways to increase blog traffic. So how do your harness the power of social media and translate that into blog success?

#1 Get a Facebook Fan Page

Whether you love it or hate there is no denying how powerful Facebook is as a social medium outlet. Facebook reaches billions of people each and every day, making it the perfect launching point for your blog.

#2 Guest Post

Guest posting on other blogger’s sites is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your own site, given that you’re supplying the guest poster quality content. Since most people will provide you with a link back to your blog, you have an opportunity to appeal to a whole new audience and drive them your way.

#3 Participate in Twitter Chats

Find different Twitter chats that occur within your blogs niche and then participate in the chats. Make sure that your blog is easily findable on your Twitter profile so that all of the people you’re interacting with in the chat will be able to easily navigate to your blog. This is an easy and effective way to reach new like-minded people.

#4 Add in social media “share” buttons

Adding these buttons will allow your readers to easily share your posts with other people via social media, thus increasing your visibility. Also, utilizing applications like HootSuite or Tweetdeck will allow you to share your new posts with all of your different social media outlets at once, thus streamlining your sharing process.

#5 Leave quality comments frequently

To reach more people you’re going to have to reach out to more people. Leave well-written and thought-provoking comments on the posts that you find of value. The better your comment, the more likely that someone is going to be interested in reading what you have to say on your blog – and this goes for the blog owner and their readers alike. Establish a foothold in the blogging community by being present.

The blogging community is a unique place in that it is a very open and welcome forum that encourages others to interact and grow. Take advantage of this and use it to help propel you into success – just be mindful that the best success comes from genuine people who have compelling content. There are so many ways to get your name out there, so use them!

Image: Sean MacEntee